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The Investment Projects' state support

Dear friends!

Kaluga is ready for business cooperation. We are trying to create the most comfortable conditions for business organization and development in different spheres. In Kaluga enterprises of machinery engineering, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the construction industry and light industry are mostly developed.

We invite Russian and foreign investors for cooperation. We propose several industrial parks situated in different parts of the city for your projects.

Kaluga has already established itself as a reliable partner, having built relationships with such companies as Volkswagen, Berlin-Chemie, Volvo, Peugeot, Citroen, Mitsubishi, Continental and many others.

Kaluga is interesting for tourists. The city is situated near Moscow. There are many different monuments, museums, sports facilities, a great variety of different hotels and restaurants.

In 2021 Kaluga is going to celebrate the 650th anniversary of city founding. Even now a great number of interesting events timed to jubilee are organized in Kaluga for citizens and tourists.

We actively develop inter-municipal and international relations. We have strong business and cultural relations with Russian and European cities and towns. Kaluga has 7 twin-cities and 7 partner cities with which relations in different spheres of economy are already built.

Kaluga is a hospitable and friendly city! Kaluga is a modern and developing city! Kaluga is a city in which you want to live!

Respectfully yours,
Dmitriy Denisov

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