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Жалобы на всё
Не убран снег, яма на дороге, не горит фонарь? Столкнулись с проблемой — сообщите о ней!

Dear friends!

We are glad that You became interested in our City and delighted to greet You at Kaluga’s website.

Here You will find general information on our City: its rich history, its dynamic development during the last several years, its citizens, its perspectives for the future and today’s views.

Our main goal is to develop our city thoroughly. This means that together with the growth of modern industry and giving a boost to economic activity we have to create an equal high-standard social infrastructure and sustain it at a quality level needed to satisfy the demand of our citizens and guests. Arising plants and enterprises must be balanced by sustaining and renovating old and creating new schools, kindergartens, sport centers, shopping and office facilities, hotels and everything necessary to make our City significantly comfortable not only for working but for living and visiting as well.

This is hard and continuous work and we invite You to be spectators and participants of it!

We are always open to cooperation and can claim having rich and successful experience of inner and international partnership.

Kaluga has long-lasting partner relations with cities in Germany, Finland and Switzerland. Our land has become a home for world known automotive manufacturers and companies working in other fields.

Our City has rich historical and cultural traditions which will without any doubt be worthy of interest for tourists. We treat other cultures with tolerance and respect and this allows us to host international festivals, exhibitions and fairs.

We invite You to visit our City and guarantee that it will be worth it!

Mayor of Kaluga